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Christian crossword No. 1622 - Life Well Lived

submitted by ATHENS2 on 24 Jul 2013 at 10:05 PM GMT


1.Recollections. So live that your __ will be part of your happiness (8)
6.Snuggle. Life is rich when U __ a pet (6)
10.Eye droplets. We should be thankful 4 our __s; they prepare us 4 a clearer vision of God. W.Ward (4)
12.Audio visual (ab)
13.Tool. Hard work is the __ 2 success, that's Y U try 2 pick the lock (3)
14.Biggest. The __ of all crosses is self; if we die in part every day, we shall have but little to do on our last. Fenelon (8)
16.Exist. If we had no winter, the spring would not __ so pleasant. Anne Bradstreet (2)
17.Spanish 4 pal
19.Foster. A healthy life doesn't __ a grudge (5)
23.Coming. There's no __ time. It's now or never! (4)
25.Make $. If U don't want 2 work U have 2 work 2 __ enough $ so U won't have 2 work. Ogden Nash (4)
27.Bestow. Life will __ nothing 2 us mortals w/o hard work. Horace (5)
28.Intravenous (ab)
29.Simple. All things R difficult B4 they R __. T.Fuller (4)
31.Not available (ab)
32.Foot move. Ingratitude is the 1st __ toward apostasy. A.Kauffman (4)
35.Ill. 4bidden fruit will make U __. John Bunyan (4)
37.US model & tv host, __ Banks (4)
38.Senior (ab)
39.W/o __s & pains we 4get God (4)
40.Basic. He is happiest who lives day 2 day, garnering __ goodness of life. Euripides (6)
41.Golf mound
42.Slang 4 mom
45.Attainment. Contentment is not the__ of what U want but realization of what U have (11)
49.Does a life w/o God feel good @ death?
51.Satan is a __; Jesus gives life & joy. John10:10 (7)
52.Sm. round veg
53.North/south (ab)
55.Speak. By saying yes 2 some good she was able 2 __ no 2 the bad (3)
56.Pleasant. Think __ thoughts & feel better fast (4)
59.Illumination. The way of the cross is the way of __. Latin (5)
64.Maniac fire-starter
65.Vivacious. Clean living helps UB __, pollution drains U (9)


Creating. __ a living is not as important as making a life (6).1
Can. __ U live all the days of your life! J. Swift (3).2
Remorse. Enjoy the rewards of discipline or endure the pain of __ (6).3
Infinite afterlife. Sin will love U4 a season then curse U4 all__ (8).4
Ocean. Life is better by the__ (3).5
Design. To __ a better future, replace "if only" with "next time." (6).6
Obligations. In the fulfillment of your __, let your intentions be so pure that U reject any motive but the salvation of souls. Angela Merici (6).7
Work. Enjoy the good of your __, it is the gift of God. Ecc3:13 (5).8
She picked fruit of death in Garden of Eden.9
Small (ab).15
Happy is not the same as __ (3).18
Text 4 "You are".20
Animal farms.21
Serpent. Keep the __ out of your garden it it's 2B Eden (5).22
Eternally. U can live happily __ after if UR not after much (4).24
Death is __ a period but a comma in life (3).26
Critter. Any kindness I can render 2 any soul of man or __, let me do it now 4 I shall not pass this way again. Quaker saying (6).30
Energize. Hope will __ U, fear will drain U (9).32
Desire. Let your __be ruled by reason. Cicero (7).33
Text 4 "R".34
Devil. Find some work 2 do so __ never finds U idle. St.Jerome (5).35
Frozen water. If U don't want 2 fall, stay off the __ (3).36
Snooze. There may be those on earth who dress or eat better, but those who enjoy the peace of God __ better. T.Holdcroft (5).38
Cohort. God is my __ if I give Him my allegiance (4).43
Stagnant. Scripture will refresh U, not __ ale (5).44
A Christian lives on earth like a __ out of water (4).45
Fulfillment's Joy (ab).46
Deceiving. Satan enjoys __ 2U (5).47
Northeast (ab).48
Solely. 2B positive & productive, don't say "if __" say "next time" (4).50
Knight's title.54
Stage hint.57
Snarf good food.58
Proceed. Let us not __ over old ground, let us prepare 4 what is 2 come. Cicero (2).60
New Itinerary (ab).62
Closed captions (ab).63
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