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Quick crossword No. 249

submitted by nordlundjr on 07 May 2006 at 04:04 AM GMT

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"...very good ..."

commented sailhat on 29 May 2006 at 09:08 AM GMT

"...Would've gotten a five because it was easy to play but still challenging, but it's puss in boots, not pus..."

commented mchellem on 28 July 2006 at 10:10 PM GMT

"...singular and plurals not accurate...."

commented individle on 24 August 2006 at 03:31 AM GMT

"...aren't ALL buildings 'outdoor buildings'? what would be an indoor building?..."

commented Bampf on 27 September 2006 at 09:45 PM GMT

"...Entree is not the main course, it is a starter or appetizer. Bidet is not a French toiler, it is part of a toilet and not only in France...."

commented Nena on 20 October 2006 at 06:14 AM GMT

"...I agree with the previous comment all buildings are technically outdoor buildings a simple rewording seems in order there, otherwise good puzzle...."

commented magus on 30 October 2006 at 09:09 AM GMT

"...I wanted to post a comment following Nena's comment. If you go to Google and type in "define: entree" it will come up with "In America "Entree" refers to the main course of the meal" So I am correct in my clue and you also misspelled "toilet" you had "toiler" which could be misleading. I have since changed my clue...."

commented nordlundjr on 11 November 2006 at 05:44 PM GMT

"...You line a horse stall with straw, not hay. Hay is what you feed horses, and you don't want them pooping on it. Straw is cheap, and has little if any nutritional value. In response to the other comments, n the U.S., we refer to a small building that's not attached to the main structure as an outbuilding. That might have been what was meant. But this was a fun puzzle. Thank you...."

commented Jessamine on 22 January 2007 at 06:11 PM GMT

"...a little too easy perhaps......"

commented elwingt on 09 April 2007 at 06:26 PM GMT

"...Very fun puzzle - thanks!..."

commented suet on 24 April 2007 at 08:18 PM GMT

"...good choice of replacement clues based on the other comments - fun puzzle - thanks : )..."

commented nocwmaven on 01 May 2007 at 10:09 PM GMT

"...15 down.... you speak for yourself! ;-) lol..."

commented CrossNut on 01 July 2007 at 03:22 AM GMT

"...1d. Whhhaaaat?..."

commented drakesdrum on 09 March 2009 at 09:45 AM GMT

"...Ditto on that #15 Down! Speak for yourself! Actually, don't! How about ... "Breasts that are gravitationally challenged?" ..."

commented Merry Jaine on 22 April 2009 at 04:49 PM GMT

"...Plural/singular error in 10 a, otherwise OK. Agree about "hay/straw" distinction...."

commented moldycheese on 19 November 2014 at 06:32 AM GMT